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First Visit Special

Here at Acupet Veterinary Care, we welcome new patients to become part of our veterinary family.

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Low Cost Dentistry

At Acupet Veterinary Care we have a full-service dental care facility that includes not only routine dental scaling and polishing but which allows us to repair or extract any damaged and unmanageable teeth.

It is our strong belief that poor dental hygiene leads to a complete host of health conditions. Multiple studies have shown that bacteria seeded into the bloodstream from the mouth can lead to infections in the kidneys, liver, heart, and other organs. In fact, it's believed that up to 80% of the bacterial infections in these organs actually originate in the mouth. Because of the importance of proper dental health we recommend dental cleanings at the first sign of any problems in the mouth. For some pets, this means they should have dental visits as often as once a year.

Because of this we have instituted our low-cost dental program. Essentially, it covers the entire cost of a routine dental, including pre-anesthetic lab work, anesthesia, dental scaling and polishing, and routine injections. The cost for that service starts at $320. Additional dental services are charged separately. However, for most pets that have their teeth cleaned regularly, the base dental is all they need.

Ask us about our 20% Off Dental Discount when an estimate is given at the time of all annual vaccine visits!